The Geraki are a race of beastfolk, appearing as humanoid griffons that stand up to a meter taller than the average human. Their hands and feet are like that of an eagle, but the rest of their body is covered in long tan, gold, or brown fur and features the tail of a lion. Their head is that of an eagle, but features long ears, and a feathered crest shaped like that of a cockatiel. On their back are massive wings, though they are not large enough to sustain flight, but do offer enough lift for gliding and to boost jumps.

The Geraki live in tribal warrior societies, where they constantly war with one another and other tribal races, in the name of honor and glory. Their violent tendencies often put them at odds with more civilized races, though some Geraki have advanced past this and do live in cities. These civilized Geraki often find work as security guards, mercenaries, policemen, bouncers, and other similar professions. Others find work as craftsmen or merchants, making and selling clothes and decorations made from natural materials.