Karagan are one of the beastfolk races, and are the tallest out of them at an average of 3 meters tall. They appear as humanoid lizards with a three-finned crest atop their head and a finned tail. Their hide is like leather, instead of scales as one would expect from reptiles. Karagan males are more much more vividly colored than the females, and have a pair of large curved horns atop their head. The females are otherwise identical to the males in physical appearance and voice.

Each Karagan individual is psychologically unique (more so than members of other races). Not only that, but almost their entire population has some form of Multiple Personality Disorder. The different personalities are not explicitly aware of one another even though their memories are shared, but they perceive the memories as their own. Most non-Karagan perceive the entire race as being unpredictable and insane. Ironically, a few Karagan lack multiple personalities and are considered insane by other Karagan.

They also suffer unusual symptoms when consuming anything that has caffeine or theobromine in it, such as coffee or chocolate. It results in a psychotic reaction which is very similar to that provoked by crack cocaine in the real world. As a result, most civilized areas treat caffeine and theobromine as a controlled substance with regard to Karagan, making it illegal for Karagan to obtain, possess or consume them. Most such places also make it illegal to give those substances to Karagan.