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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zauber Paracelsus

Zauber Paracelsus

The gate shielding that Fulton asked about, as you may guess, is one that prevents people from opening portals and gates.

However, the shielding only blocks gates when one opening is outside of the barrier. Within the barrier, gates can be opened between any two locations (though individual locations may have their own planar shielding).

Teleports are not restricted by the barrier at all. However, teleportation is only effective to short ranges, and you have a limit on how much weight you can carry with you. To teleport longer distances, you need special assistance (like a teleport crystal) or a gate.

The undercity is a network of tunnels constructed beneath Four Rivers, originally used as subterranean shipping lanes. With the invention of the far more economic airships, they were declared an expensive failure and abandoned.

Some sections of the tunnels were sealed off and reused as basements, while the remainder of the tunnels were left abandoned. That remainder was quickly occupied by gangs, drug dealers, criminals, the homeless, smugglers, and the black market, which together comprises the Undercity.

Most of the tunnels remain unused, though some sections are occupied by insane mages, dark cults, mad scientists and their illegal laboratories, and random tribes of savages such as orcs and goblins.

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