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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Zauber Paracelsus

Zauber Paracelsus

Things may look a little bit different now. I have switched the comic's content over to the Cycles rendering engine, a physically-accurate raytracing renderer. Previously, it was using Blender Internal for rendering. And prior to that, I had used Cycles before the completion of the art upgrade, but abandoned it because I felt it was not sufficiently viable.

Advances in the past few blender releases have eliminated the problems I had with it, however. In particular, I am not seeing GPU crashes when I try to use at least five characters for a GPU render, which was the main thing that convinced me to cease usage of Cycles.

On top of that, I'm not getting 3-minute freezes just for adding a single light to the scene anymore, nor am I seeing similar freezes and delays from opening project files or switching between sub-scenes.

In any case, I've changed the shaders on the characters so that they are more toon-like, bringing them slightly closer to the older 2D character style. I was going to make the shading somewhat more cel-shaded, but that didn't look good with the lighting, so I chose to use softer toon shading. Another difference you may notice in the shading is the sharp glow on Akayoo and Falcata's eyes. That is a deliberate effect, and is used as an indicator to their inherent supernatural bloodlines.

Not going to say who their stalker is, though if they happen to spot him, he can make that unhappen.

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