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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Zauber Paracelsus

Zauber Paracelsus

I took a three month hiatus to work on yet another art upgrade (the last one didn't go very far, did it?). I had just the other day decided to resume updates without the update so that I could spend more time to work on it, but I got farther along with it than I had thought.

So now, the art upgrade is out. The characters are no longer comically-thin with oversized heads, and the male characters don't look androgynous anymore. The eyes are another big change, they now follow the "pixar eyes" design, where instead of just having a texture applied, they have the different parts of the eye (sclera, cornea, iris, pupil) modeled out. I had planned to put this update out on March 1st, but decided to go back and fix a few problems I spotted with the character models during use.

My health is on the upswing again, so I hope to get more episodes put up. I also hope to get a buffer going.

On another note, there has been an interesting development. Epic Games has announced that Unreal Engine 4➚ is now free to use. I had long been thinking of using Unreal Engine for producing the comics instead of rendering with Cycles. So I am now giving some consideration to which direction I want to take Lord of Maelstrom.

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