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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zauber Paracelsus

Zauber Paracelsus

And it seems that Cyrus was working with the guy that was following the Spell Breakers back in episode 44. Or at least, he was working with him.

So, why is that door so tall, when the building's owner (Cyrus) is so short? The reason is that although Four Rivers has a predominantly Human population, it also has many citizens and foreign traders from a multitude of other races. Some of these races are rather tall, so many business accomodate them with taller doors and ceilings.

The taller races include Chelzon, Geraki, Karagan, Lycans, Minotaurs, and Sky Elves. Half-Dragons of the Dragonblooded stock are also generally taller, though they do not constitute a distinct race.

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