I have had many friends and acquaintances who have helped me with the comic and its backstory, contributing advice, critique, and ideas to make it better. I'd like to give a big thanks to the following individuals:

As the scenery is done in 3D, numerous textures are used to make the comic. I'd like to give credit to the people and groups who created them:

As well, I make use of multiple programs to create the comic:
  • Blender➚: All character models and environments are constructed or modified in blender.
  • GIMP➚: For putting together the comic itself.
  • InWorldz➚: Online virtual world, which I used construct all the 3D scenery used to create the backdrops with, prior to episode 33. Past episode 33, InWorldz is used for prototyping some objects and props.
  • Inkscape➚: For creating the character art, prior to episode 33.

And open source software is utilized extensively to operate the website itself:
  • Linux➚: A free and open source operating system.
  • Python➚: The scripting language used to program the web site.
  • Flask➚: A python module used as the basis for the web site's code.
  • Jinja2➚: A templating engine for constructing markup for web documents.
  • YAML➚: A human-readable data format that is far more readable than XML. Uses the PyYAML➚ binding.
  • And several others, including Apache➚, OpenSSH➚, and rsync➚.

Lastly, I use (or will use) a number of brushes in my comic. I'd like to give a quick shout out to the people who made the brushes I use: