Dusk Elves

Dusk Elves, properly known as Vaerul, are an elven subrace with red, orange, or yellow eyes and skin the color of gun metal. Compared to High Elves, they are about 4-5 inches shorter on average and have somewhat lower strength, but superior night vision and a stronger aptitude for magic.

Dusk Elves typically construct their settlements in subterranean regions and seldom venture to the surface due to a low tolerance for sunlight. However, in the Maelstrom most Dusk Elves can be found dwelling on the surface thanks to the near-constant cloud cover. These surface-dwelling Dusk Elves are far more cosmopolitan than their subterranean kin, and can frequently be found in human settlements. They are also far more civilized, having long abandoned their darker practices of slavery, torture, and blood sacrifices.

Primarily, they are concentrated in Duskwood, a land of towering forests built above subterranean forests of giant ferns and mushrooms.