A half-dragon is the offspring of one normal parent and one dragon parent. They have roughly the same body shape as their mortal parent's species, but with dragon features. They can appear either mostly dragon or mostly mortal, depending on the species of their mother. When the mother is a dragon, they will appear as the mother's species of dragon in a roughly similar shape to the father's species, though usually much taller or larger than normal. If the mother was the mortal, then the offspring will appear mostly normal, but with varying dragon-like features such as slitted eyes, a forked tongue, scaly patches, ear fins, a tail, etc. Half-Dragons born from a dragon mother are called Dragonblooded, while half-dragons born from a mortal mother are called Dragonkin.

While they have a mix of traits between the two parent species, they inherit mostly from their dragon parent, including elemental powers and resistances, breath weaponry, increased strength and durability, increased magical affinity, regeneration, and vastly increased lifespan.

List of Half-Dragons: