The Krysa (pronounced "keer-suh") are one of the beastfolk races, and are also the smallest, averaging at the same size as Gnomes. They appear as short humanoid rats, with a range of white, gray, brown, and black fur. Unlike rats, however, the Krysa do not have enlarged incisors.

Most other races regard Krysa is being a race of cowards, thieves, con artists, smugglers, alcoholics, drug dealers, and drug addicts. And generally this isn't far off the mark. Most Krysa live on the outskirts of the communities of other races, preferring to take what they need by deception or by sneaking off with it, rather than working for it. They are also given to hedonism and revelry, rarely taking life seriously and preferring to just swipe goods or money while getting high off of drugs and alcohol.

Many, however, have abandoned this lifestyle for one that is more responsible, but these individuals have to constantly deal with their race's bad reputation. Many of these responsible Krysa work as doctors, scientists, and engineers, building their careers on their natural problem-solving ability and fine motor control.