Magic is a broad range of methods for altering and manipulating reality, through the use of a variety of methods, techniques, and tools. It uses a variety of different sources of power, but at its most basic level it uses Nitor as the source of "fuel" for the effects it creates. Through magic, I wide variety of effects are possible: burning foes with fire, shielding against attacks, healing wounds, curing diseases, repairing damaged objects, lifting and moving things, creating raw materials or objects, creating illusions for deception or entertainment, reading or controlling the minds of others, and many other effects.

Because of the wide range of effects that are possible with magic, there are numerous laws regulating or banning its usage. Some places will outright ban entire systems of magic, while others will focus on a specific range of effects. Mage Guilds exist to help reign in magic, by giving an education to mages and helping them to use magic safely and ethically (assuming the Guild isn't corrupt).

Schools of Magic

Five major schools of magic are in practice, with numerous sub-schools and disciplines of each:
  • Channelling: Producing magic from raw elemental energy.
  • Invocation: Producing magic from the power of a elemental plane, mental plane, a powerful being, or a group of spirits.
  • Psionics: Producing magic from the power of one's mind.
  • Sorcery: Producing magic from conjuring and directing Nitor through physical means.
  • Wizardry: Producing magic from the power of language.

Mystic Arts

As well, there are some peripheral schools of magic, called "mystic arts" that most mages study at least one of on the side. These mystic arts typically involve crafting magic items, but also can include other things, such as biological alteration.
  • Alchemy: The art of imbuing magical properties into substances or altering their physical properties.
  • Effingomancy: The art of duplicating and learning the powers of others.
  • Necromancy: The art of controlling the spirits of the dead.
  • Paratronics: A branch of engineering that studies and applies the ways that Nitor and physical matter interact.
  • Rune Magic: The art of using special symbols to produce magic.
  • Spell Forging: The art of binding magic to objects.
  • Summoning: The art of calling otherworldly beings as allies or servants.
  • Terratomancy: The art of using magic to alter or combine creatures to create new ones.