Sea Elves

The Sea Elves, or Vaerada, are an aquatic elven subrace, and have the greatest differences from other elves. Vaerada have pale blue, green, or teal skin with hair of darker shades of the same colors. Compared to High Elves, they are 5-6 inches shorter on average and are able to breath in both air and water. They also posses aquakinetic power, which among other things allows them to swim at high speeds by moving the water around them.

Sea Elves are rarely found on land, preferring to live in the seas. Underwater, they build extensive cities from coral and glass, and make use of magically-altered algae and plankton for lighting. Very little is known about them, as they very rarely interact with outsiders. Sea Elf communities are rarer in the seas of The Maelstrom compared to other areas, because the ocean currents in this region are far too turbulent for them to safely dwell in. Some Sea Elf settlements also exist within the waters of Aeris.