The Vulpans are one of the beastfolk races, who appear as a cross of human and fox. Typically, they have red, orange, gold, brown, or silver fur with white undersides. Compared to humans, Vulpans have weaker strength and fortitude, and they average 9-10 inches shorter than humans do. However, they make up for this with their higher speed, dexterity, and quick thinking. Vulpans also have a strong aptitude for magic, and most know at least some basic wizardry.

Vulpans primarily live as wandering nomads, travelling in a circuit between several settlements or through the wilderness. These travelling vulpans apply their talents and earn a living as performers, artificers, mages for hire, and occasionally as spies or thieves. Many also work as artisans, favoring pottery, engraving, and sewing. Vulpan craftworks are highly prized due to the variety of materials they use and their elaborate designs.